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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Millions of people miss their medical appointments every year in the United States. Lack of reliable transport is a chief reason for this. We take pride in helping lowering this staggering number. Come partner with us for your non-emergency medical transportation needs.


Assisted living transfers

Movements related to assisted living are a common feature with adult and special needs populations. The movement could be from one's home or hospital or rehabilitation center or another assisted living place. Come partner with us to make such a move smooth and seamless.


Dialysis visits

Dialysis appointments are critical. We provide peace of mind by handling these visits and proper scheduling ahead of time to smoothly manage multiple weekly visits. Come partner with us for your dialysis transportation needs.


Seniors transportation

For various reasons, seniors may be unable to drive to move from point A to B like taking their cat to the Veterinarian or going to a special function such as a birthday or any other activity. Come partner with us for your seniors transportation needs.


Picking prescriptions from pharmacies/drugstores

Some prescriptions are once-off while some recur on a regular basis to manage chronic conditions. We understand the need of making sure that a prescription doesn't run out before next supply is arranged for. We are also cognizant of the desire to have a shorter wait time at pharmacies. Come partner with us for your transportation needs to obtain prescription and non-prescription drugs.


Errands and tailor-made transportation needs

Beyond non-emergency medical transportation needs, errands will always be part of our everyday lives. We provide this service to individuals, families and small groups such as school students and so on. We are eager to help the community as a whole as needs arise. Come partner with us for errands transportation needs.

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